Click Animate plugin actual screenshot

Click Animate Review – Animate Any Part of Your Website

In this review I’m going to talk about Click Animate, the new WordPress plugin website owners are using to drastically increase user engagement and conversion rates. It’s more than just a plugin, it’s a tool that will animate any element your website so you can grab the reader’s attention and persuade them take action.  Imagine what something like a pulsating buy button…

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My review of Video Drill explains it all.

Video Drill Review – A New Tool For Youtube Advertising

If you’re running video ads on Youtube and need a way to laser target your audience so you can decrease ad costs and increase ROI, then Video Drill is a tool you should have in your toolbox. It can be time consuming to research and create the perfect audiences, especially when you’re doing it manually.  So…

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How to find long tail keywords for your SEO campaigns.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords With Low Competition

Learning how to find long tail keywords is one of the most important skills you can have as an internet marketer.  Both search engine optimization and keyword based advertising (such as Adwords) rely on your ability to target your customers by what they’re searching for online and how they’re searching for it. In this article…

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Official review of Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro Review – Advanced Keyword Research Tool

If you’ve heard about the Long Tail Pro keyword research software and want to learn more about what it can do for you, this article will shed some light on version 3 of the new and improved SEO tool. Ranking for long tail keywords has been the bread and butter of my business for several…

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Get the official notes from Funnel Hacking Live 2015

Funnel Hacking Live Notes 2016

If you missed the Funnel Hacking Live event in San Diego, you undoubtedly missed one of the most powerful events of the year.  On March 31, 2016 Russell Brunson hosted an event for a small group of his entrepreneurs where an award winning line up of speakers shared everything they know about sales funnels that…

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affiliate builder wordpress plugin

WP Affiliate Builder Review – Help Your Affiliates Sell More

If you sell your own products online, WP Affiliate Builder is certainly something worth checking out.  In this review you’ll learn how the new plugin will help you build sleek affiliate pages inside WordPress without any custom coding or pesky HTML tables.

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The 4 stages of a sales funnel whiteboard example

4 Stages of a Sales Funnel That Sells

There are 4 essential stages of a profitable sales funnel (aka ‘sales pipeline’) that are applicable to literally any business model in the world, online and offline.  The ultimate purpose of the funnel is to convert new traffic into sales and in this post I’m going to go over in detail how each of the…

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Adam Roy's review of Video Motion Pro.

Video Motion Pro Review – A New Way to Create Pro Videos

If you heard about Video Motion Pro online or in an email and want to know more about it, this review will tell you everything you need to know about creating powerful videos with this new program.

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remote marketer likes russell brunsons book - 108 proven split test winners

Russell Brunson’s 108 Proven Split Test Winners Book

Let me start off by saying that since receiving my copy of Russell Brunson’s “108 Proven Split Test Winners” book, it has become one of my most frequently accessed resources here in the office. If building sales funnels and selling products online is a big part of your online business, 108 Proven Split Test Winners…

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Zapable review big

Zapable Review – Is the Mobile App Builder Any Good?

I’m pretty excited about writing up my Zapable review, which should prove to be a real eye opener if you’re going to build your own apps.  There is no doubt that the new mobile app maker from brothers Chris Fox and Andrew Fox is definitely going to create some buzz in the app market.

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what's the best keyword research toool of 2015?

What’s the Best Keyword Research Tool in 2015?

Anyone in the SEO game wants to get their hands on the best keyword research tool out there, and for good reason.  Finding the best keywords and evaluating the competition can be a tedious process, and that’s why having quality tools to help with keyword research is so important. Unless you’re sticking to Google’s Keyword…

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Funnel Hacking Live Notes 2016

Get the official notes from Funnel Hacking Live 2015

If you didn’t make it to the Funnel Hacking Live Event of 2016, you missed one of the best internet marketing events of the year. But it’s all good, you can access the event notes here. Click here to get the notes.