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In this review I’m going to talk about Click Animate, the new WordPress plugin website owners are using to drastically increase user engagement and conversion rates.

It’s more than just a plugin, it’s a tool that will animate any element your website so you can grab the reader’s attention and persuade them take action.  Imagine what something like a pulsating buy button or sign up form would do for your conversions.

With 2015 coming to an end and 2016 right around the corner, I fully expect this to set a new standard for all online businesses.

Strap yourself in for my comprehensive Click Animate review.

Click here to get the plugin!

The team of creators behind this plugin, Josh Ratta, Miri Dobes and Thomas Dolso have a history of creating innovative software, tools and training for Internet marketers.  Such as the recent hit Video Motion Pro which took the Internet by storm and left big names like Adobe and Camtasia wondering what happened.

Click animate review - Display boxClick Animate is creatively taking jquery website animations and providing webmasters the perfect little tool to quickly and easily implement them anywhere on their site.  It all happens via a smart point and click interface combined with a live editor so you can 'watch' your changes in real time.

  • Product Name: Click Animate
  • Price: $17 - $37 (varying site licenses)
  • Type: WordPress Plugin
  • Vendor: Josh Ratta, Miri Dobes, Thomas Dolso
  • Release Date: September 8, 2015 (3:00 pm EST)

Click Animate provides you with a variety of animations to choose from, each with its own individual array of settings to dictate how and when each effect occurs.  This must-have plugin gives webmasters the ability to inject more creativity than ever before into their Wordpress sites.

Here's a consolidated (modest) list of features:

  • Animate any element of your website.
  • Works with any WordPress theme and page builder.
  • Primary and secondary animations.
  • Set animation delay and duration.
  • Visual effects and sound effects.
  • Hover effects.
  • Point and click live editor.
  • Add, edit and preview animations in real time.

You'll quickly find that websites with animation will become more and more popular over the next couple years.  The bottom line is that this tool will most likely increase your user engagement and conversion rates more than anything else you could be doing right now.

In this review of Click Animate I want to highlight some of the ways you can use this plugin to generate more leads and more sales for your business right away.

Increase CTRs by animating your buy buttons and other important links

One of the first ideas that jumped out at me when I learned about this is having the ability to add animated calls to action and buy buttons to your sales letters.  This is a place in your sales funnel where 'click through rates' matter more than anywhere else.

You've taken the time to craft powerful, emotionally driven sales copy.  Your message is effective, the reader has read the entire page and they've arrived at your buy button... It's crunch time.

Now you present the pulsating buy button that demands action, sends the customer off to checkout and ultimately closes the sale.  Unlike standard over-used button graphics, these are impossible to ignore.

Click here to see an example.

This is an effective and proven strategy not many people are implementing (or even know how to implement) right now.

Animate any part of your WordPress site with one click.

Part of what I think makes this plugin so impressive is how simplistic it is to use.  Once you open Click Animate's live editor, you can add custom animations to literally any element of your page just by clicking on it.

Create animated headlines, Youtube videos, buy buttons, banners, widgets and even opt-in forms without touching a single line of code.  If you can click on it, this plug-in can transform it from 'regular' to attention grabbing in a couple of clicks.

If I had to compare all the great and innovative marketing tools released so far this year and pick my favorites, I wouldn't hesitate to say that this plug-in would be sitting at the top that list.  But you have to see it for yourself to fully understand what it's capable of.

Now that you've read my Click Animate review, what you need to do next is head to the official site and watch their demonstration video of the plugin in action by clicking the link below.

Click here to watch the video and get the Click Animate Wordpress plugin.

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