Are you getting traffic but not converting enough leads, sales and commissions?

How To Convert Ice-Cold Traffic Into Red-Hot Buyers All Day Long With Quick Copywriting Tactics You Can Use Right Now

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adam-roy-remote-marketer-sl-introAttention:  All Internet Marketers

From:  Adam Roy

Does your copy create an "opposite effect" and turn visitors AWAY from your offers?

If you're experiencing any of the following problems, then you need to keep reading because this message will be very valuable to you:

  • You need more sales - Sales are slacking because not enough people are buying your products.
  • You need more traffic - Traffic is limited because not enough people are clicking on your ads or your links.
  • You need a bigger list - Your list won’t grow because not enough people are subscribing to your list.
  • You need more social engagement - Your social media following is small because not enough people are engaging your content.

This most likely has absolutely NOTHING to do with your product or service - And EVERYTHING to do with the words you’re using on your web pages.

It’s all about the C-O-P-Y.

Here's why:

People READ the words you present then REACT to them.

Copywriting is a skill that nobody is born with.  But it’s a skill that we all need to learn because it’s directly responsible for all of those things I listed above.

And believe it or not, the truth is ANYONE can write great copy.  You don’t need any special traits or talents, you just need to know how to present your words in the most effective way.

The Copywriting Crash Course will show you the fundamentals of effective online copywriting so you can craft messages that compel as much traffic to take action as possible.

One of the greatest things about copywriting is that you don’t have to wait to see results.  Increasing your conversion rates is a guaranteed way to get results NOW.

If you double your conversion rate, you double your income!

Imagine what it will feel like to watch your profits multiply instantly...

...just by changing some of the words you use and how you use them on your pages.

You’d be surprised how the smallest tweaks can have the biggest results.  Simple things like, how you craft your headlines, your affiliate links and how you write your bullets.

I’ve been selling products online since 2009, and it’s these core fundamentals of copy I’m revealing in the Copywriting Crash Course that helped me go from a few sales per month, to several sales per day as a vendor and as an affiliate in a very short period of time.

What you discover in the COPYWRITING CRASH COURSE will help you:

  • Make more sales from your sales letters.
  • Get more signups from your squeeze pages.
  • Get more click-throughs from ads.
  • Get more engagement on social media.
  • Get more clicks on your affiliate links.
  • Get more attendees to your webinars.

The bottom line is this: Copy is your best friend.

Once you know these secrets, you'll be able to persuade people to do pretty much whatever you want...

You know, like buy a product, click an affiliate link, sign up for a newsletter, or anything else that's going to make you a profit.

You'll learn the easy-to-implement copywriting concepts that helped me earn my first 5 figures online and generate literally thousands of sales WITHOUT video, WITHOUT fancy graphics and WITHOUT a list:

And I sold all those products the same way I’m selling this course right now...

By applying a few very simple copywriting tactics that ANYONE at any skill level can implement easily - On any page, for any offer, any situation, in any market.

The same exact tactics I'm sharing with you today!


The Copywriting Crash Course is a 30 page ebook packed with explanations, examples and hands-on exercises that will show you how to write copy that sells.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The Core Elements of Effective Copy. This guide will walk you through the core fundamentals of effective online copywriting. Each section is complete with explanations, examples and exercises to help you understand each one.
  • How to Create a Customer Avatar From Your Target Market. - This is where 99% of new copywriters fail. Learn how and why to sell to a persona within your market instead of everyone.
  • How to Create a USP and Why It's Crazy Important. - Some of the best customers you'll ever have DON'T CARE ABOUT THE PRICE. Learn how to create a USP that sells like crazy..
  • How to Sell a Wooden Pencil. (Features vs Benefits explained) - This is half the battle in successfully selling anything online (or offline), it's the bread in the bread and butter of selling.
  • How to Write Great Bullets. - Bullets are an effective way to deliver lots of information, and influence the reader. You'll discover how to make each one count.
  • How to Craft Headlines That DEMAND Attention. - Your headline is the single most influential element of ANY offer. Get this right and watch people will head straight for the buy button.
  • How and Where to Use Sub-Headlines. Sub-headlines are the 2nd most read element of a sales letter. You'll discover how and where to use sub-headlines you can't miss.
  • How to Create Calls to Action and Links That Make People ACT. - This is the moment of truth. They made it to your buy button or your affiliate link or your opt-in form... Learn how to craft a powerful call to action that makes people ACT.
  • How Not to Use Adjectives in Your Copy. - Power words can be a powerful aspect of successful copy, but if you use them wrong it can turn people away faster than you can say "super awesome".
  • Speaking to Your Audience. - If you're selling your own products or affiliate products, it's easy to get this one COMPLETELY wrong.
  • Why LESS IS MORE When it Comes to Graphics in Sales Letters.
  • And More (Undisclosed) Insider Tips to Help You Write Better Copy!

Does all of that sound good?

You bet it does!

Everyone can use more sales, more leads, more signups, or more clicks.... More anything really.  And writing better copy is a guaranteed way to do all of those things in a moment’s notice.

So surely by now you know how valuable it is being able to write great copy and you’re probably dreading seeing the price…

Well don’t worry because I won’t be charging you anywhere near what you might be expecting.  I believe that part of what makes any offer a great offer, is an irresistible price.

So, if you act NOW...

Get the entire Copywriting Crash Course today and pay only $7!

That's right!

For the price of watching a good movie on pay-per-view you can acquire the basics of a skill that will reward you and your business for a lifetime.

Plus you’re backed by my 30 day money back guarantee.

That means you have an entire month to access the member’s area, go through the guide, implement all the concepts and exercises.  So use it for the next 4 weeks and if you’re unhappy for any reason just let me know and I’ll send 100% of your money back!

Your purchase is 100% risk free when you order from me, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this no-brainer offer.

So what are you waiting for?

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Copywriting Crash Course - How to Write Great Copy

Adam Roy - Founder and CEO of RemoteMarketer.comTo your success,

Adam Roy.

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