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EasyVSL is a video sales letter creation software created by Mark Thompson and Matt Callen.  I invested in the software in January and wanted to provide a raw EasyVSL review to tell the world what I think.

Overall I believe this is a very easy to use, lightweight tool to create sales videos fairly quickly.   Although it’s not stocked up all kinds of bells and whistles, EasyVSL definitely comes with everything I need to make professional grade sales video much easier than other methods.

Most people would agree that it can be time consuming to put together an effective sales video and unless you want to spend hours doing it the traditional way, the only option is to spend a ton of money on outsourcing.

  • You have to write the script.
  • You have to create the power point slides.
  • You have to record a voice over.
  • You have to synchronize the voice over with the video.
  • You have to add background music.

All of that can add up fast and easily cost $100’s to outsource or several hours of your own time doing it manually, and that’s why EasyVSL has been a lifesaver for me – Because now I don’t have to do any of that.

Let’s take a look at what this sales video creation software has to offer.

EasyVSL Review
What can the software do for you?

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As I mentioned before, (And as you can see by the graphic) EasyVSL is extremely lightweight software and although it doesn't have a mega ton of features, the features it does have provide benefits you will not get from any other product available right now.

It is unique in many ways, mainly how it can create an entire sales video using nothing but a script in a text file and a few clicks of your mouse.  It will chop your text, create slides over a professional background, sync your voice-over/audio, and produce the ready to use video file.

EasyVSL generates sales videos that are nothing short of "guru quality" - It's awesome.

  • Create slides automatically.  Just copy/paste your text into EasyVSL and the software will automatically create your slides.  This means you don't have to manually create each individual slide.
  • Custom slide backgrounds.   Just select a color, gradient, background image or preset layout and add it to your entire sales video in a snap.
  • Slide transition animations and effects.  You can set up custom slide transitions with eye-catching animations to keep your reader interested throughout the entire video.  EasyVSL does everything for you when you produce the video.
  • 25+ custom fonts.  The software comes with a handful of awesome built-in fonts to use in your sales videos.
  • Point and click slide timing.  This makes adding voice overs and synchronizing your video easier than ever.  You literally just point and click when you want the transitions to happen, it just does not get any easier than that.
  • High quality videos in MP4 format.  You don't have to worry about compressing your videos or converting them from one format to another when it's done.  EasyVSL produces the final finished product with one-click, no further editing required.


Overall, this is an incredibly useful tool and I can't even imagine going back to creating sales videos any other way.

Want to see it in action?

Here's the EasyVSL demo by Mark Thompson (One of the creators):


Click here to visit the Official Site.


Did you learn what you needed to learn from this EasyVSL review?  Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear your feedback in regards to this post.


Adam Roy - RemoteMarketer.com
Adam Roy - RemoteMarketer.com

Adam Roy is the Founder and CEO of Remote Marketer.

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