email marketing tip - how to write the best email subject lines in the world

Any internet marketer who has been involved in email marketing for more than a week, knows the importance of having effective subject lines in your emails. This is the first thing your subscribers and customers will see in their inbox, it be the difference between increasing or decreasing your open rates by 100% or more.

The best email subject lines in the world, are subject lines that contain one key component.

I want you to forget everything you know about email subject lines right now, because the subject line itself is entirely dependent on one single key factor. Most online business owners don’t quite understand the full picture of email marketing.

The overall open rates from emails you send to your subscribers will vary with the perceived value behind the name of the sender.

What your subscribers expect from you, as a marketer, as a mentor, role model or whatever is an expectation you have to mold and instill from day one. Don’t forget that when you’re building a list, sending training material, tips, or sending promotions there is a real person on the other end, just like you.

Too many people, especially newbies see their email list or newsletter count as a “number”, rather than a group or a community. These people are your followers and the reasons why they’re following you and their perception of you as a person, or as a business will have the absolute most significance on the effectiveness of the emails you send to them.

This is so true in email marketing that if you get this wrong in the beginning, or even months down the road when you have a huge subscriber base, there is no turning back.

Remember your subscribers are real people, and they see YOU as a real person too. So if you send them something that they don’t like, whether it’s a gift or a promotion, they will not forget it. That perception is officially attached to any and every email they ever get from you.

Build value onto your name to the increase open rates for any subject line.

This starts from the very beginning. One of the marketers I look up to and have been following for a long time is Frank Kern.

Sometimes I’ll get an email from him and all his subject line says is “DUDE…”, or “Check this out!”

I know, you’re probably thinking pretty lame right? Not really, I think to this day there I don’t think there is a single email I got from him that I haven’t opened.

This isn’t something I can say about the million other marketers I get emails from everyday.

Why? Because Frank Kern’s emails are awesome and he has personality, I almost feel like I know the guy. I open his emails for one reason, because they’re from him I don’t even care to know what the email is about before I open it because I already know that there will be value in it for me.

Do you understand how that works? The value or content I expect from marketers who put emails in my inbox determines whether or not I open an email, or even consider the subject line for that matter.

Effective email marketing and subject lines begin with your personality and the relationship.

No email marketing campaign is complete without a touch of your own personality. From day one, you should be focusing on displaying personality and establishing an actual relationship.

This begins with your welcome email, and even the manner in which you asked the subscriber to sign up for your stuff.

Let me clarify personality and relationship with 2 scenarios prior to the opt in, and you decide how each one differs in the subscribers perception of you and your name when it hits their inbox.

Scenario 1 – A simple squeeze page with a big headline making big claims, asking you to enter your email for a free course that will change your life, then send them an ebook.

Scenario 2 – A video squeeze page with a personal invitation to your newsletter or some form of training material to help their business, maybe cracking a joke during the process, then send them a welcome email, introduce yourself, send them their ebook and tell them what other awesome sauce you have for them.

Both of these scenarios offer the same end result, the same free ebook and a new subscriber. But can you see how scenario 2 can have an immediate positive impact on your email open rates and the effectiveness of your subject lines in the future?

So sum it all up into this.

If you want killer subject lines, you need to have a killer name in the from field and that starts before the subscriber even signs up for your list. Like I said before, “DUDE…” is a great subject line for an email, but it entirely depends on the perceived value of who it’s from.

Email marketing doesn’t begin with great subject lines, it begins with who you are.

Adam Roy -
Adam Roy -

Adam Roy is the Founder and CEO of Remote Marketer.

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