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If you missed the Funnel Hacking Live event in San Diego, you undoubtedly missed one of the most powerful events of the year.  On March 31, 2016 Russell Brunson hosted an event for a small group of his entrepreneurs where an award winning line up of speakers shared everything they know about sales funnels that turn out a positive ROI every time.

Guests had to pay $997 to attend, but if you and anyone else weren’t fortunate enough to make it, I’ve got great news because my friend Tim Castleman bought tickets and booked flights to San Diego just to have his team take notes throughout the entire event.  And now he’s selling them, so you can gain all of the value at a fraction of the cost 500 people paid to attend the event live.

The Official Funnel Hacking Live Notes 2016

Click here to get the notes!

Just as an FYI, after you reserve your copy of Tim's notes from Funnel Hacking Live, you'll also be securing your spot in an exclusive funnel hacks training webinar.  But that's just a bonus, you can't put a price on the value shared by all the expert entrepreneurs who gave up their best secrets with a small group of VIPs at the private event in Las Vegas.

What happened at Funnel Hacking Live and what was captured in the notes?

Russell brought together 7 of the smartest, most successful online entrepreneurs (including himself) to do nothing but share the secrets behind reverse engineering and repeatedly deploying successful sales funnels in any niche.  This is, after all, how Russell Brunson and many others have become so wildly successful online - They're copying what already works and came together to show you how to do the same.

Keynote speakers - Powerful presentations from marketers such as:

  • Russell Brunson
    Founder of DotComSecrets and Clickfunnels
  • Garrett White
    #1 best selling author
  • Liz Benny
    "The Queen of Kapow!"
  • Ryan Stewman
    Best selling author "Hardcore Closer"
  • Jacob Hiller
    The Jump Manual
  • Alex Hormozi
    Local funnels expert
  • Sean Stephenson
    The "Three Foot Giant" - Mindset expert
  • Alex Charfin
    Fortune 500 entrepreneur and consultant

When it comes to selling anything online these guys know how to take it to a level which has helped each of them build their 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses online and offline.  The whole point of FHL was to bring them all together just to show you how they do it.

So what will you learn from the Funnel Hacking Live 2016 notes?

The event was organized into 6 separate sessions over the course of 3 days from March 31 - April 2nd and each day was packed with presentations from the names you see above.  When you download the event notes, you'll get in on all the same secrets and strategies from each one.

Chapter #1 - Expert Secrets

Russell Brunson and Garrett White talk about leveraging your 'expert status' for quick and massive growth for your company(s). Russell walks you through each evolution of an expert through. Russell also talks about the "Expert Maker" funnel and 4 other specific funnels.

  • Learn how to build an audience on command, establish your business and pre-frame your leads and customers for all your future funnels.
  • Learn what Garrett did to achieve his success as he walks you through every step he took to master his craft.

Chapter #2 - The Funnels

Perry Belcher is a well known marketer, particularly famous for the Belcher Button (The highest converting add to cart button) has been on stage at many entrepreneur shows in Vegas and he's speaking at Funnel Hacking Live to show you how he was able to take a company from zero to 7 figures with easy to create tripwires you can add to your funnel.

  • How to leverage easy to create offers that can eliminate the cost of lead generation right away while building goodwill with your prospects so your core offer converts like crazy.
  • Learn why the tripwire became increasingly popular after Perry decided to share the concepts behind this strategy.  This concept has been adopted by thousands of entrepreneur marketers in nearly every niche - online and offline.
  • Why creating sales funnels without a tripwire might actually be costing you money and preventing you from converting your funnels at 10% or more with retargeting.

Session #3 - Webinar Hacking

Russ (the organizer of the FHL event) is by far one of the best salesmen in the industry.  After using webinars to sell nearly 100 different products over the course of about 10 years and testing and tweaking the script after each one, he now has what he calls "The Perfect Webinar".

  • Learn the strategy that has been helping dozens of Russell's students experience a 10x increase in sales by filling in the blanks of his webinar sales strategy.
  • He covers the 4 simple adjustments you need to make which can make or break your conversions on in-person (live) sales.
  • Tested and proven methods for speaking, closing and selling.

Session #4 - Continuity Funnels

This is (in a literal sense) probably the most valuable session at Funnel Hacking Live, because it's all about turning one-time customers into monthly or yearly income streams with membership sites, SAS programs and newsletters.

  • How other marketers are earning recurring income through continuity funnels from members willing to pay a monthly fee to be part of simple things like a community or long-term training.
  • How to sell prospects (and customers) on your continuity program through strategies proven through years of split-testing to keep people subscribed, paying customers for as long as possible.
  • Why funnels with continuity and monthly memberships are something you can't ignore and why it's not as much work as you might think if you manage your members like Russell says.

Stu Mclaren also jumped in with a bonus session on continuity based business models.

Session #5 - Traffic Hacking

Traffic is naturally the most critical part of your sales funnel, because without traffic who's going to buy your products or services?  If you rely on sources like Facebook ads and Google adwords to drive traffic into your funnels, you need to know what changes they're going to be making in the near future and how you can avoid the blunder through these "Traffic hacks".

Session #6 - High Ticket Hacking

In the high-ticket keynote you'll learn how to successfully build and launch a high ticket offer.  The quickest way to exponentially increase the revenue of your business is by creating a high-ticket offers that will appeal to and convert with your traffic and customers.

  • Learn why you should consider a high ticket offer and the strategies you can use to convert visitors on them.
  • What essential elements you must have in a high ticket funnel if you want your offer to make money, such as how to build authority in your sales funnel that subconsciously convince people that they need the big benefits of your offer and why they need it from you, specifically.

In my personal opinion as an online business owner, this was arguably the most valuable event of the decade.

Even if you weren't fortunate enough to be amongst the 500 people who were able to attend the event live, I have good news for you because you still have a chance to get your hands on the notes for a fraction of the cost people paid for a ticket.

You can get the full details and purchase the Funnel Hacking Live notes by clicking the link below.

Click here to get the official notes from 2016's Funnel Hacking Live.

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Adam Roy -

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