thorough review of seamless seo

Seamless SEO Review – The On-Page SEO Plugin For WordPress

I was very excited to write this Seamless SEO Review because it provides WordPress users with a variety of intuitive features to help implement various (important) features for on-page search engine optimization. Seamless SEO is an easy to use, premium WordPress plugin built to help website owners achieve better search engine rankings.  Since not everybody…

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email marketing tip - how to write the best email subject lines in the world

Email Marketing Tip – The Best Email Subject Lines In The World

Any internet marketer who has been involved in email marketing for more than a week, knows the importance of having effective subject lines in your emails. This is the first thing your subscribers and customers will see in their inbox, it be the difference between increasing or decreasing your open rates by 100% or more.

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Notes from the 2015 Traffic and Conversion Summit

Traffic and Conversion Summit 2015 Notes

If you didn’t make it to the Traffic and Conversion Summit of 2015 in San Diego this year, you missed the one of the best marketing events of the year.  For 3 days, 23 of the most renowned marketers in the world shared their secrets in San Diego California during the exclusive high ticket event…

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easyvsl review proof of purchase

EasyVSL Review – New Software Creates Video Sales Letters

EasyVSL is a video sales letter creation software created by Mark Thompson and Matt Callen.  I invested in the software in January and wanted to provide a raw EasyVSL review to tell the world what I think. Overall I believe this is a very easy to use, lightweight tool to create sales videos fairly quickly.  …

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Become successful using the B.V.R.L. formula

The B.V.R.L. Formula – The Secret to a Successful Online Business

When entrepreneurs enter the internet marketing arena with hopes of starting a successful online business, most of the time we all sucked in by the same motivators.  We want to live the dream, I mean who doesn’t.   Travel whenever you want to, go on vacations all the time, spend more time with friends and…

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Google Update Pirate 2.0 - October 2014

Google Update Pirate 2.0 – Google Puts An End To Piracy

It’s a known fact that Google rolls out updates on a regular basis to provide optimal search results and combat spam.  Most of the time Google updates may help the algorithms better understand the meaning of a search, identify unnatural link profiles or new methods for displaying results. But the Pirate 2.0 update is different,…

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Good SEO is being Mobile responsive

Why Mobile Reponsive Websites Are Essential For SEO in 2015.

In this article we’ll be talking about mobile responsiveness and it’s impact on SEO for all websites on the web.  In the industry of search engine marketing everyone talks about content being king and quality backlinks, but what about your actual website?  From the looks of it if you’re not transitioning your websites to be…

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Funnel Hacking Live Notes 2016

Get the official notes from Funnel Hacking Live 2015

If you didn’t make it to the Funnel Hacking Live Event of 2016, you missed one of the best internet marketing events of the year. But it’s all good, you can access the event notes here. Click here to get the notes.