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Let me start off by saying that since receiving my copy of Russell Brunson’s “108 Proven Split Test Winners” book, it has become one of my most frequently accessed resources here in the office.

If building sales funnels and selling products online is a big part of your online business, 108 Proven Split Test Winners from the DotComSecrets Labs might just become one of the most valuable assets on your bookshelf.

I wanted to share a few reasons why this book has become such an asset to me and why it can become invaluable to you as well.

me with Russell Brunson's 108 proven split test winners bookFirst of all, split testing is by far the most important aspect of any online business and that’s exactly what this is all about – SPLIT TEST RESULTS.  But besides being one of the most essential steps to building a business (online or offline), it can also be the most expensive.

Testing and tweaking elements of a sales funnel to increase conversion rates requires sending lots of traffic into it.  So unless you have a large source of free traffic to test against, you’re going to be buying it and buying traffic isn’t cheap.

Lucky for you and I, Russell Brunson and his team over at DotComSecrets have literally spent millions over the years on split testing almost anything you can think of…   And decided to dump all the data and all the results of their best split tests into a physical book.

All 108 split tests are extremely detailed and easy to absorb.

What’s so great about every split test (all 108 of them), is that each one is presented in a way that you can literally implement them into your own business.

Each one is accompanied with a thorough explanation, screenshots and most importantly, the results!

Click here for full list of split tests

108 proven split test winners book open preview
Preview from DotComSecrets Labs' 108 split tests book.

This kind of data is literally invaluable for anybody that wants to run a successful business online doing the same thing Russell Brunson does.

(Writing that just now reminds me of the saying, "If you want to be successful, find a successful person and do what they do.")

The bottom line is that almost every single split test conducted via the DotComSecrets Labs being shared here is most likely a split test inside a funnel just like one of yours.

That's how it has been for me. 

Lately every time I start working on a sales funnel I make sure to have this book ready because I know at some point I will start working on something that Russ has already tested and proven.

Inside the 108 Proven Split Test Winners book you'll have access to the results of millions of dollars spent on conversion rate optimization:

  • Headline split tests
  • Signup button split tests
  • Webinar registration page split tests
  • Animated vs static headline split tests
  • Secured vs unsecured opt in pages

You name it, they tested it.

So rather than spend tons of time and money trying to test what is generating sales and what isn't, just copy the 'winning' test results from the most relevant split test and implement it for yourself.

Get the 108 Proven Split Test Winners Book for FREE right now!

Click Here To Get Your Free Book

Did I already mention that the guys at DotComSecrets were a little off their rockers?  Well for a limited time they're giving their book away for free (just pay shipping and handling).

I don't know for how long this particular offer stands, so unfortunately I can't promise anything, but at the time of this writing the s&h was around $10 and I receive the book within 4 or 5 days.  He said bluntly in the video on that page they were planning on selling the book for $197 bucks, so don't wait any longer unless you want to risk paying that later on if they end this offer.

I highly recommend 108 Proven Split Test Winners and believe that it is one of the most helpful, actionable and influential internet marketing books I've ever purchased.

Adam Roy -
Adam Roy -

Adam Roy is the Founder and CEO of Remote Marketer.

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