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I was very excited to write this Seamless SEO Review because it provides WordPress users with a variety of intuitive features to help implement various (important) features for on-page search engine optimization.

Seamless SEO is an easy to use, premium WordPress plugin built to help website owners achieve better search engine rankings.  Since not everybody knows how to do SEO or has access to (or the funds for) an SEO company, this plugin is a great option to easily implement and monitor the most important elements of on-page optimization without modifying any code or running a complicated website audit.

on-page search engine optimization checklistOne of the great features of Seamless SEO is it’s awesome “on-page instant SEO optimizer”, which is basically a live on-page optimization checklist that will guide you while you create content for your blog.

Naturally, your target keywords should always be included in a few essential locations for each page (or article) on your site.

For example, anyone who’s invested a significant amount of time into search engine marketing knows about keyword density.  It’s a term that describes how often your target keyword is being used in relation to the rest of your content.

You could get penalized if your keyword density is too high and search engines think you’re keyword stuffing to rank better.  But, you also have to make sure they know exactly what your content is about, so a keyword density that’s too low isn’t any good either.

Other important elements to consider if you’re doing an SEO review of your site (or a client site) is to make sure that you’ve optimized your images, included the target keyword in the proper heading tags, and have emphasized the text with bold, italics or underlining.

But that’s not my favorite feature…  There’s one thing about this plugin that is a real time saver when it comes to writing well optimized content for search engines.

The Seamless SEO plugin has a built-in LSI keyword finder

Seamless SEO has a built-in LSI keyword finderHow cool is that?

When it comes to on-page optimization, the incorporation of LSI keywords as you write your content is a major part any SEO strategy.

If you don’t quite know how to do SEO just yet, LSI stands for ‘latent semantic indexing’ and generally refers to the synonyms, variations and related terms to the keyword in question.

This plugin will automatically display tons of LSI keywords right inside WordPress for you to reference in real-time as you write your content.

(Even Google’s top 10 “LSI” keywords to consider)

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Just enter your target keyword in the plugin settings and your WP dashboard populates with keyword suggestions to incorporate and increase the relevance of your pages and increase your rankings in search results.

 The overall conclusion of my Seamless SEO review is this…

If you understand search engine optimization as well as I do, then you know how important all of these on-page SEO elements are in regards to your search engine rankings

Seamless SEO helps make the process of optimizing content as you write it, easy.

But there are other features too, and those are best explained by the creators of this plug-in on their official site.

Click here for the Seamless SEO official site.

Click the big button above for a complete list of features and details.

That's all for now, folks.

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