Notes from the 2015 Traffic and Conversion Summit

If you didn’t make it to the Traffic and Conversion Summit of 2015 in San Diego this year, you missed the one of the best marketing events of the year.  For 3 days, 23 of the most renowned marketers in the world shared their secrets in San Diego California during the exclusive high ticket event hosted by Ryan Deiss and Digital Marketer team.

Attendees paid over $600 to attend, but luckily for you and anyone else who didn’t get to attend, Tim Castleman had his team take notes throughout the entire event.  And he’s making them available to anyone who wants to get their hands on them to get all the value at a fraction of the cost to attend the event live.

The Official 2015 Traffic and Conversion Summit Notes

Click here to get the notes!

What's even better, for a limited time if you purchase the 2015 T&C Summit Notes Tim's also throwing in the notes from the 2013 and 2014 events as well.  That's several days worth of value straight from the most successful only entrepreneurs in the world.

What happened at the Traffic and Conversion Summit?  (And what you'll gain from the notes)

Tips and strategies from some of the top minds in Ryan Deiss's Digital Marketer team and some of the biggest players in Internet marketing.

Marketers such as:

  • Perry Belcher
  • Roland Frasier
  • Richard Lidner
  • Justin Rondeau
    Conversion Optimization
  • Russel Brunson
    Founder of DotComSecrets and
  • Ben Adkins
    Founder of Scriptdoll
  • Jeremy Schoemaker

That's just a handful of the over 16 presents sharing what works with hundreds of attendees over the course of 3  days.

There is only one way to get the most out of an event like this, and that's by going there.  But sometimes life gets in the way and thanks to Tim's handy note takers who did attend the event, you can still get your hands on those and it'll be like you never missed the event.

What will you learn from the Traffic and Conversion Summit 2015 notes?

The entire T&C event was organized into 3 days, each day covering a different aspect of the overall game plan.  Day one was traffic, day two was conversion, day three was about scaling and taking things to the next level.

Event Day 1 - Traffic

Day one was all about traffic.  All the ins and outs of their business and what's working right now.  Ryan Deiss even talks about the new traffic strategy that they're calling the next big thing, and it's going to take over fast.

Plus all kinds of very interesting topics like Neuro-targeting on Facebook and Fusion Marketing to advertise offline via mediums like radio and TV ads.

Event Day 2 - Conversion

Day two of the Traffic and Conversion Summit was all about, you guessed it, conversion.

When it comes to testing and conversion optimization, nobody does it more extensively than Digital Marketer.  I'm a member of their DM Lab membership and the case studies provided by these guys are just astounding.  Now take this kind of information, kick it up ten notches with Ryan Deiss himself presenting the raw, uncensored details at one of the most sought after events in the industry.

It's a recipe for awesome-sauce, that's what it is.  Awesome-sauce that converts.

Event Day 3 - The Secret World Domination Plan

I'm not really supposed to talk about this one.  But you can get more details on the official page, if they decide to fully fill you in you'll see that information there.

Besides a lot of focus on automation and scaling, day 3 covers one of the newest traffic strategies that Ryan Deiss claims has changed the Digital Marketer business over the last few months.  The best part is, it's fast, it's scalable and of course completely white hat.

I know what it is, because I have the notes!  And because Ive been a close-knit member of the Lab membership for some time now.

My opinion is, if you're serious about Internet Marketing, you absolutely need to get your hands on these notes if you were not able to attend the event live.

You can get all the details and purchase the Traffic and Conversion Summit 2015 notes via the link below.

Click here to get the "unofficial official notes" from 2015's Traffic and Conversion Summit.

Adam Roy -
Adam Roy -

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