what's the best keyword research toool of 2015?

Anyone in the SEO game wants to get their hands on the best keyword research tool out there, and for good reason.  Finding the best keywords and evaluating the competition can be a tedious process, and that’s why having quality tools to help with keyword research is so important.

Unless you’re sticking to Google’s Keyword Planner and the oldest of old-school competition evaluation methods, there are lots of keyword research tools on the market that provide an additional plethora of data to help you narrow down on the most profitable keywords.

What data do we need about our keywords to determine which ones are winners, and which ones are losers?

  • Search volume.
  • Related keywords.
  • Related keyword search volume.
  • What websites are in the top 10.
  • How well have they optimized for this keyword.
  • How many backlinks do they have and where are they from.
  • How easy or difficult will this keyword be to rank for.

The bottom line is, the best keyword research tools are the ones that can dig up good keywords AND tell you what it’s going to take to rank for them.  That is, after all, the reason we’re researching keywords in the first place anyway.

There are plenty of free options available online, but those will only help you through PART of the battle.

Here’s what you’ll get from the best free keyword research tools in 2015 – Search volume, related keywords and their respective search volumes as well.  That’s it!

Keyword Research Word Cloud Concept AngledThat will only get you so far.  But what’s even worse, is search volume is only included in the keyword tools provided by the major search engines (Google Keyword PlannerBing Keyword Research).

That means any other free tools out there are only good for scraping “suggested keywords” and “Google’s predictive text” for keyword ideas, but they’re not going to provide you with search volume numbers OR any information about the competition which is arguably even MORE important than anything else.

(If you can’t rank for it, it doesn’t do you any good.)

A couple free online alternatives to Google Keyword Planner and Bing Keyword Research:



But, one of those are what I use, or what over 100,000 other marketers are using to uncover the real golden nuggets.  Up until this past year we were using Market Samurai.  What many would consider the original, tried, tested and proven SEO software that’s been the most comprehensive keyword research and analysis tool for over 5 years (All of which is true).

Recently however, I was turned onto a new software for keyword research.  It does everything Market Samurai can but takes things a step further by providing up to 800 long tail keywords with a single search, then tell you exactly how easy or difficult each one will be to rank for.

Long Tail Pro gets my full vote as the best keyword research tool in 2015.

Click here for the official site

Why is it better than any of the free alternatives?

Well, it provides FAR more data about your keywords than you'll get anywhere else.  Like all the dirt on the competition for each keyword you research.

Wouldn't it be nice to know how easy or how difficult it will be to rank for your keywords BEFORE you write articles and build websites targeting them?  That's why Long Tail Pro gets my vote for the best keyword research tool, it does it all with a couple clicks 🙂  In fact it's probably one of the best SEO tools overall in my opinion.

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Adam Roy - RemoteMarketer.com
Adam Roy - RemoteMarketer.com

Adam Roy is the Founder and CEO of Remote Marketer.

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