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If you sell your own products online, WP Affiliate Builder is certainly something worth checking out.  In this review you’ll learn how the new plugin will help you build sleek affiliate pages inside WordPress without any custom coding or pesky HTML tables.

WPAB is an advanced WordPress plugin for product creators loaded with features nothing else in the industry can offer.  Created by Omar Martin, it was developed to help entrepreneurs and online businesses sell more of their products by building affiliate tools pages that auto-populate all the promotional material with their affiliate link at the push of a button.

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The creator Omar Martin, has been a big player in the online space for some time now and he's certainly one of the individuals you should be following. What he's done with this plugin is created a solution for product owners that no other software or selling platform is doing right now.  He's making it easy to provide promo materials for JVs and marketers who are looking for affiliate products to sell.

WP Affiliate Builder plugin box displayThe official release date for WP Affiliate Builder is May 14, 2015 (10am EST).

If you're a vendor currently selling or planning to sell your own products online, you understand the selling power of having your product's links and banners posted to as many affiliate websites as possible sending traffic to your offers.  The easier you can make it for other webmasters and list owners to promote your products, the more sales you'll make.

How does the plugin work?

This plugin is easy to install and works right out of the box.  It doesn't require any extensive set up, hosting or website configurations.  Once installed you'll have access to all the settings inside your WordPress admin area to build and deploy an extensive promo tools page with everything your affiliates could possibly need:

  • Affiliate links
  • Email swipes
  • Banner images
  • Blog reviews
  • Social shares
  • Opt in forms
  • Bonus pages


Plus any other marketing materials you want to provide to your army of marketers.

But that's not the best part.  What makes it better than other alternatives is that it will auto-populate everything on the page so nobody has to fuss around with your code to send visitors to your site!

Affiliates can push a button and populate everything with their affiliate links.

This feature alone sets this plugin apart from anything else available right now, even the largest digital product marketplaces online like Clickbank and JVzoo don't have features like this available in their systems.  That means it's either you, your affiliate manager, (or worse) your affiliates themselves doing all the work.

The old way (aka the hard way) means that everyone has too...

  • Copy your HTML code into a text or code editor.
  • Delete the default 'INSERT LINK' text from your code.
  • Replace it with their affiliate link which they now have to go and re-copy from the selling platform you're using.

Let's not forget that most affiliates don't want to do a ton of work (hence the job title), so if you don't have a manager available catering to their needs, you're going to risk missing out on some potentially valuable long-term relationships by not making this process as easy as possible.

Using the plugin, they can just place their link (which they only have to retrieve once) into a nice little box, push a button, and all the marketing materials they need are ready to copy and paste onto their websites and into their emails without doing any of the hard work.

This is an asset I would suggest keeping in your digital toolbox if you currently (or intend to) create and sell your own products.  The bottom line is that to get the best response from your affiliate program, you must make it as easy as possible for partners and JVs to do what they do best - drive sales.

wp affiliate builder demonstration

If this WP Affiliate Builder review brought some things to your attention that you'd like more information about, you can purchase, watch the demo video and learn more about the plugin via the link below.

Click here to get the plugin and read an important message from the creator.

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